2014-12-07 20.29.04This page is updated often with upcumming runs and events so check back often! All Major ‘rego’ events will be listed on this site, all basic runs and DP’s will be on our FaceBook (closed group must request to be added) and our Meet Up page. footbar

Upcumming Runs & Events / Hareline

Upcumming runs (AKA Hashes or Trails) held in the Panama City area, as well as “road whore” hashes held in other areas. 2015-01-17 20.45.57PCH3 hashes every other Saturday year round with the occasional weekday hash. All traditional trails will be posted on MeetUP & Facebook no later than the Wednesday prior to Trail weekend & event trails usually over a month out notice.  Hash Ca$h for most regular hashes is $6 per Hasher paid on arrival which buys you a great trail, BEER, hilarity, BEER, debauchery, BEER, and usually LPR. Be sure to connect with our Meet Up & FaceBook group as well as checking back weekly for details on the next big ‘rego’ style hash.

Upcumming events held in the Panama City and general NW FL areas. Events are usually themed pub crawls and/or campouts without a real trail, though some will offer a trail (sometimes two!). Most events are pre-pay with a registration form (AKA rego).

footbarWeekly Drinking Practice

We meet every week for Drinking Practice – location posted by Monday for Thursday. Why? Because you never want to get out of practice! Join us for hilarity & general good times. These events are also found on our Meet Up & FaceBook Group pages!