Hash Songs

True Blue
Here’s to ______ (s)he’s true blue
He’s a hasher through and through
He’s a pisspot so they say
Tried to get to heaven but he went the other way
Drink it down down down….
(if hasher takes too long) Why are we waiting
Could be masterbating (fornicating) (figure skating) (finger painting)
Why are we waiting so *ucking long.
Why are we waiting could be masterbating…….

Shitty Trail
S-H-I-T-T-Y (or s-h-i-g-g-y) T-R-A-I-L
Shitty trail, shitty trail.
The hares laid another shitty trail.
I would rather drink my beer (wack my pack) (show my tits) (insert here)

FATHER HASHER       Melody – Father Abraham
Leader:  Father Hasher had seven hares,
Seven hares had Father Hasher,  And he never smiled,
And he never cried, All he did was go like this – With a right!

Here’s to Brother(Sister) Hasher
Brother hasher, brother hasher
Here’s to brother hasher may he chug-a-lug
He’s happy, he’s jolly, he’s *ucked up by golly
Here’s to brother hasher may he chug-a-lug
Drink B*tch! Drink b*tch!…

Meet the Hashers
Hashers Meet the Hashers
We’re the biggest drunks in history
From the, town of _______
We’re the leaders in debauchery
Half minds, trailing shaggy through the years
Watch us, as we drink a lot of beers

At the Ball Game
Whip It Out At The Ball Game
Wave it round at the crowd
Dip it in jello and crackerjacks
I don’t care if you give it a whack
Cuz it’s beat your meat at the ball game
If you don’t come it’s a shame
It’s one, two, you’re covered in goo
At the old ball game

Does a Hasher?
Does a Hasher like to walk
Does a hasher like to run
Does a hasher like to be where they’re having all the fun?
Can he drink a 12 ounce beer
While his friends all sing and cheer
Now your time has come

We’ve got virgins, we’ve got virgins
At our hash, at our hash
Gonna get ’em drunked up, gonna get ’em *ucked up
Down the hatch, drink it down, down, down….

Drink a Beer
Drink a beer
Belch out loud
Belch out clear
Drink of good times, we run
Drink of plenty, not one

Drink the brew
Down it quickly, this beer we give you
Don’t worry that it’s not good enough
For anyone else to down
Just drink
Drink it down, down, down…..

Glorious Victorious
Glorious, Victorious
Drunk last night
Drunk the night before
And I’m gonna get drunk tonight
Like I’ve never been drunk before
And when I’m drunk
I’m as happy as can be
‘Cause I am a part of the Hasher family

Singing Glorious Victorious
One keg of beer for the four of us
Singing Glory be to God
That there are no more of us
Cause one of us could drink it all alone
Damn near, pass the beer to the rear of the Hash House

Consider Yourself
Consider yourself, on home
Consider yourself, one of the harriers
We’ve taken to you so, strong
It’s clear, we’re going to get along

Consider yourself, Virgin
Consider yourself, part of festivities
Just grab up that mug, don’t fear
And drink. Up. Or you will wear your beer.

Head? Who said Head?
I’ll take some of that
And I did. And it was good.
And there was much rejoicing.
And then we *ucked
We *ucked for hours
Uprooting trees and shrubs
and flowers and shit
We *ucked again.
This time like Vikings
With horns upon our head
Head? Who said Head…

So Beautiful
Why Were You Born So Beautiful
Why were you born at all
You’re no *ucking use to anyone
You’re no *ucking use at all
You may be a joy to your mother
But you’re a pain in the asshole to me