A Guide to Hash Marks

Below are the hash marks used most on PCH3 trails, but you may see 2014-12-06 12.32.02others Different kennels use a variety of different marks. “Chalk Talk” is held before trail start to explain any marks you may see on trail. Although the history of hashing is long and fascinating, you don’t have to know any of that to take part. If you’re thinking these marks look at bit tricky, don’t worry you’ll pick it up soon enough. There are plenty of people to help out at PCH3 and much like poker where people go to sites like www.Poker.de to bone up, you’ll find plenty of Internet resources to help you out. Of course, you could always print off the symbols and carry them in your pocket.


Hash Hash – A blob of flour or like substance (biodegradable & eco-friendly) indicates a trail; toilet paper can be used for above ground objects such as trees, fence posts, etc. Three blobs in a row usually indicates a true trail.
arrow Arrow – Trail mark which could lead to true trail or false trail. If you see an arrow with initials, then an FRB (front running bastard) has found true trail and marked it for the rest of the pack.
False trail False Trail – Three lines indicates false trail. The pack should go back to the last hash mark and choose a different direction.
True Trail True Trail – An arrow with three lines through it indicates true trail. This mark should only be drawn by the hare.
Whichy Way Whichy-Way – Indicates trail could go in two different directions. You should only find marks leading in one direction.
Intersection Check or Intersection – Indicates trail could go in four different directions.
Check back Checkback – A checkmark with a number indicates the pack must go back that many marks to find true trail.
Song check Song Check – When you see this check, whether alone or with other hashers, you must wait on the next hasher or group of hashers and all sing a song before continuing.
BVC Be Very Careful – Indicates a dangerous crossing such as a traffic crossing or deep water crossing, be cautious!
Beer Near Beer Neer or Beer Near – Indicates a beverage stop within 100 yards; this could be in the form of beer coolers (which may or may not be hidden) or a beer truck.
On IN On-In – The ending of trail. Circle commences when the entire pack has arrived at the On-In.

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Shiggy Meter

Shiggy is thick vegetation, wooded areas, canals or other water crossings, etc, usually muddy and dirty. Some hashers love shiggy, others prefer city streets. Hares will generally advise what type of shiggy will be found on trail. Other kennels may use different definitions and a scale of 1-10 but PCH3 uses the same Shiggy Meter as JaxH3 (Jacksonville Hash House Harriers).

1 Town trail, city streets, maybe some stairs and city squares.
2 Urban with some off road but you should not need a dry bag.
3 Some ready-made paths and some trailblazing; could get your feet wet.
4 Mostly wooded trailblazing; could be fences, walls, homeless camps, garbage dumps, mud, much, broken glass, snakes, spiders, little funny animals, swamp & water could be knee-high.
5 Anything goes; briars, stinky mud that could steal your shoes, water crossings over your head. Beware of animals, especially snakes & gators. Would be best to have a trail buddy with you at all times. 

There are hundreds of websites for the Hash House Harriers, but if you are a “new boot” we suggest you start with Wikipedia for more information on history, terms, trails, etc. See you on trail!

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