Thinking you want to lay trail?

Confirmation of the date you desire will need to be made with the PCH3 Hare Raiser. Dates fill FAST, if you wait till the month you want it, is a guarantee it will not be available…
Once date is set the Hare Raiser will need the following information ASAP (@ss Soon @ss Possible) – prefer at least 2-3 weeks out from date of trail but absolutely NO later than 10am the Tuesday prior to trail (if you are a procrastinator you risk not haring again – translation DO NOT MAKE THE HARE RAISER WAIT…)
***If you are laying trail for the first time you will need to have a co-hare (seasoned named hasher). Get with mismanagement if you need help with this. Trail must be true with recognizable symbols used by PCH3.
  1. Time of trail (5:00 PM in summer and 3:00 in winter). Our trail times are posted on various other sites as 3PM in winter and 5PM in summer so changing them without due notice can cause travelers to miss us. Special Events can have alternative times – but must be announced at least 30 days prior. The switch from 3-5pm is with daylight savings.
  2. Location – Send the Hare Raiser an actual post office approved address for the trail start location with highly detailed destructions of how to find the start. Maps preferred as well. Remember you want us to find you in the beginning! (Cherry *POP* is GPS Challenged – DO NOT leave it up to her to provide directions – we will all end up somewhere different!) The start location should be carefully chosen as a place where we will not offend muggles or be harassed by police. If it is a business, be sure to discuss details with the management.
  3. Shiggy level: Are marked with levels 1-5, this is thoroughly described at:
  4. Pre-lube and On-after details if any. Recommend if selecting a bar or restaurant to get with management/owner and warn of possible shenanigans and see if discounts can be offered. Optional info to be given by hares for pre-gathering festivities and if there is a preferred place to hang out after trail. Remember if at a hashers house (do not invite new potential hashers) these events can be misunderstood by anyone other than a named hasher. If at a restaurant or bar – letting the owners know is mandatory. We cannot walk into a business 30+ strong on Saturday 5PM and expect them to have staff and beer ready for us if they haven’t been warned ahead of time.
  5. Four legged details: Is your trail pet friendly? And if yes, on leash? or off leash? (Hashers bring supplies for your pet: water bowl, foot protection if urban trail, after trail munchies etc)
  6. Libations: Hare MUST get with current Beer Meister and let them know how many drops and if you will require LPR. Libations will be supplied in an amount in accordance with typical attendance. (If there is an extra need – GM approval is required)
  7. Hash Cash: Traditional trails are $6 This covers PCH3 buying beer and LPR. Food gimmies, extras, that’s not expected nor implied. Our approved annual themed trails like Red Dress, Halloweenie, Hula Run, Float The Gimp, and Capture The Flag; gimmies, food or other trail additions planned by the hare must be provided by the Hare. (Extra costs may incur)
  8. OTHER: More details you provide to help the hounds with their trail enjoyment. Info like bring headlamps, dry clothes change, bug spray, meat for grill, virgins, etc…
Remember trail should be planned for and usually run/walked at least 2-3 times before day of trail. If in town local PD should be advised, if off the beaten path, it is your responsibility to check for hunting areas, no trespassing and private property hazards.
Give us a great trail and we will sing for you, throw flour at you and drink libations in your honor. Give us a truly heinous trail and we will still sing for you with a different tone and possibly vote you in for carrying the Hash Sh*t…
NOTICE: If the local PD is called on the group (yes, on a rare occasion our shenanigans are seen and misunderstood) DO NOT APPROACH & do not run! Allow a member of mismanagement (ONLY 1 or 2) to handle the situation calmly as we are skilled in explaining what we are doing. Keep open containers invisible, lower your vocal volume, hold your bladder and if you are in a state of undress use what is left of your half-mind and stay out of sight. It is not our intentions to have anyone arrested or to have our club associated with being unwanted in our community.
Questions? Contact Hare Raiser, or a member of Mismanagement or a PCH3 God